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Nouvelle Bossa is not only a brand, it's a way of life. A state of mind. A French Touch. Just a little Bossa Nova. A nordic wind. A mix of styles: A Bohemian touch, a bit nostalgic, a bit vintage. Something like a contemporary feeling. A personalised house. A detail which makes the whole difference. An irresistible desire of happiness. Homemade items to make pleasure. It's all about feeling good at home!

Juliana de Giacomi is a designer and interior stylist in Montpellier. Jean François de Giacomi is cook, photographer and bar-manager. Both are enthusiastic about design, home décor, vintage and travels. They think about starting a new adventure combining all these universes and their creativity for quite some time.

Nouvelle Bossa is the starting point of a concept about well being and of a positive, eco-responsible philosophy. It is all about poetic, geometric, minimalist and handmade creations made out of natural and recycled materials.

Together, this French-Brazilian couple designs and fills with life objects crafted with love. This wave of happiness and creativity carries them to Brazilian cultural diversity, French know-how and Scandinavian inspiration!

Welcome in our universe!

Contact: I have already written a blog about decoration, design and lifestyle. Now I would like to present my E-SHOP to you where you can find beautiful objects with pure lines and a Nordic touch. Simple forms and shapes, geometric designs, sweet and soft colours and natural materials inspire me and are my universe. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to have more information or simply want to write a message.