Things You Should Know About Common Pillow Size

Sleep has an important influence on our health. A decent sleep environment is a combination of many factors surrounding us such as the mattress, the temperature, light, and air in the bedroom. In addition,the pillow you use everyday can affect your sleep. So which pillow size will best suit your sleep? What is the most popular pillow size currently? Let’s find out the answer now!

1. The standard size of a sleeping pillow

This type of pillow is most commonly used today and is an indispensable thing in every family’s bed. Currently, two popular standard sizes of sleeping pillows are 45 x 65 cm and 50 x 70 cm. 

Besides, there are a number of smaller sizes for children such as 35 x 50 cm, 20 x 45 cm or 10 x 45 cm. The common feature of these pillows is a small and easy to carry around when traveling.

2. The standard size of body pillows

Body pillows size is decided according to the bed sizes. Families using single beds should opt for small body pillow only 60 x 80 cm to save space on the bed. If there is a large room with a double bed that enough for 3 people to lie down, a large body pillow about 80 x 100 cm is a great idea.

Actually, a large or small body pillow is not a big problem. Remember to choose a body pillow that has a moderate size to optimize the sleeping space.

3. The standard size of the backrest or decoration pillows

The more modern life becomes, the more people can enjoy the convenience. The appearance of the backrest is a typical example of this.

The sizes 45 * 45 cm, 50 * 50 cm and 70 * 70 cm are the standard sizes of today’s backrest pillow products. This type of pillow is designed with a width that fits and suits the user’s back.

4. The standard size for baby pillows

The size and thickness of the pillow directly affect the development of the baby’s skeletal system. So, depending on the age, parents have to consider choosing different pillow sizes for their children.

For infants aged 0 – 6 months, you should use a 25 x 35 cm pillow with a thickness of 1-2 cm. Children from 7 months to over 3 years old should sleep on pillows around 30 x 40 cm in width and about 3 – 4 cm in height. And children over 4 years old should use 35 x 50 cm pillows and the height of that should range from 3 – 9 cm.

5. The height’s standard of the pillow

Most of us only care about the length and width of the pillow but forget the height of the product. In fact, the height of the pillow is an important factor in improving blood circulation and reduces muscle strains when waking up.

A pillow too high or too low is not an ideal choice for your sleep. The most suitable height of a pillow is from 10 to 15 cm. You should choose the height of the pillow that best suits your body’s structure and your sleeping position.

If you have taken to the habit of lying on their backs, you should choose a pillow with a concave in the middle and average height. This pillow will help you create a balance between your neck and spine so that you will sleep more deeply.

For people with a habit of lying on their sides, the pillow should be puff and thicker than normal pillow. This pillow will give you the most stable posture when sleeping. For people with the habit of lying on their stomachs, a thin pillow is a good choice to help prevent pain when waking up.

In Conclusion

The pillows are essential for your daily sleep. The size of your pillow is closely related to the quality of your sleep. With the above information about the popular size of pillows today, you can choose a product suitable for you and your family members.